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Got Backup?

You know protecting your data is critical, so you take care to create backups. Thumb drives. Burning CDs. External hard drives. These are all good things – but do you have an offsite backup strategy to compliment them? Offsite backup … Continue reading

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Checking your RSS Reader? So last year!

You can use Pingie and get an SMS message when one of your feeds is updated instead.  Cutting edge readers of this blog will want to follow That Software Guy’s release notices this way.

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Moving your address book and your Dymo to the Mac

Well, I think I just cut the last chain that bound me to Windows. I used this tip to move my address book from Outlook to Mac Address Book. And of course, since I wanted to use my Dymo 400, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Accounting – dealing with PayPal payments

So I decided that it was about time I moved beyond my hokey “spreadsheet-based” accounting and did something more professional. First stop: Intuit. I’ve been a Quicken user for 12 or 13 years now, I guess, and it does the … Continue reading

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Tools for Freelancers

The guys at Magento were gloating that said they preferred Magento to Zen Cart.  Not sure this is an apples-to-apples comparison since there are so few operational Magento carts in the wild, but the rest of  the post was … Continue reading

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Brilliant timesaving idea from 43Folders

The productivity parade continues! 43Folders guest blogger wood.tang has this great time-saving tip for RSS junkies: … when you come back and open your newsreader again, hit that “Mark All as Read” button and start from scratch. Who knew that … Continue reading

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I finally hooked up with Sandy!

… and speaking of productivity apps … I saw that perky little brunette on BoingBoing, and she definitely caught my eye. Then I saw her again at Merlin’s site! I wondered at first if she was stalking me … then … Continue reading

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