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~MMM: How to guarantee failure

I got the biggest laugh out of this post from Brad Isaac’s excellent blog.

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MMM: The Power of Praise

My boss never misses an opportunity to praise someone in public. And I’m not talking the typical butter up, either – he’ll be saying “Scott this” and “Scott that,” and I’ll be looking around making sure there’s not another Scott … Continue reading

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MMM: Keep on the sunny side

I’m a big fan of Penelope Trunk’s blog, and I particularly enjoyed this article.  She argues that while our internal set-point for happiness may be genetically predispositioned, … you can make a 40% impact on your optimism level by changing … Continue reading

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MMM: Mastering Monday

My friend Richard Pachter reviews two books that tell us how to deal with the beginning of a new week.  As Deepak might say, “Monday is pure potential struggling for manifestation.”

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MMM: ‘tude check

“A man without a smiling face must not open a shop” — Ancient Chinese proverb Even if all your client communications are electronic rather than face to face, your attitude still comes through. Are you friendly? Are you approachable? Are … Continue reading

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MMM: Get ready for New Year’s!

Started planning yet? Here’s a great post from Dumb Little Man about kicking your motivation into high gear. Want some more? How about this tasty tidbit from Seth Godin: Here’s a question that you should clip out and tape to … Continue reading

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Success comes through hard work and persistence

My little book club was lucky enough to talk with Kristy Kiernan, author of the recent book group favorite, Catching Genius. I’ve always wondered about overnight sensation stories like hers, so we talked about her path to success. Turns out … Continue reading

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