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Is George Costanza working in Japan?

“Because if that was wrong – I’ve gotta plead ignorance here.”

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Driving in the rain to Ottawa

On Monday, April 28, we spent several hours driving through the rain to Ottawa (to catch a plane and interview Tobias Lutke, but not in that order). I started singing Gary Allan’s “Songs About Rain” (yep, I’m a sap), and … Continue reading

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Jonathan Coulton – Music to code by

What a wonderful voice. And such great subject matter. :)

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What’s with dictators and bouffants?

Here’s China’s Hu Jintao: Here’s  North Korea’s Kim Jong Il: and finally, here’s VietNam’s own Nguyen Tan Dung Oh sure, they’re murderous sociopaths – but will you look at that hair!

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Buy a domain name today!

Good ones are scarcer than you think.

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Merlin Mann’s Tactical Internet Pants

Quite funny – watch the video.  As an aside,  Merlin Mann seems incapable of creating anything that is not brilliant.  I first heard about Merlin when I was scribbling some notes and putting them in my pocket, which a colleague … Continue reading

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Why you REALLY NEED to moderate reviews on your cart

Because if you don’t, you’ll get reviews like this one. Hat tip to software guy Andrew Duffy for finding this and discussing it in his insightful blog post, Amazon – a case study in abusive social networking.

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