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SEO scammers held to account

Interesting story from Network World about Washington State suing an SEO consultancy.

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Shaping the Product Information Page

Melissa Burdon (who I’m sure has very smooth legs) talks about what improving the likelihood of conversion based on her experience buying leg waxing strips.  Thanks, Melissa!

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NPR’s MarketPlace had a segment last week about  the resurgence of layaway as a payment method.  Layaway – which fell out of favor as credit cards gained popularity – is a way to offer no-cost financing to your customers; the … Continue reading

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Shopify talks with OpenVista

Interesting interview of Tobias Lutke of Shopify.

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Creating a Facebook Page Part V: sending updates

Facebook Pages, unlike Facebook Profiles, allow you to message all the people who are connected to you at once.   This is done via an “Send an Update to Fans” link on your Facebook Page.   In the past, these updates were … Continue reading

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Memo to Obama

Economist Greg Mankiw throws in his US $0.02 in this letter of advice to President-elect Obama.

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The most awesome Hipster PDA ever

I have always been a huge fan of the Hipster PDA.  But I’ve realized for a while that having crinkled, dog-eared pieces of paper in my pocket is just not polished enough.  So I had Coral Springer from Moonshine Leather … Continue reading

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