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Are you nickel and diming them to death?

Seth Godin wisely points out that the quest for margin should never precede the quest for delighted customers. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all about upselling. But you always have to be prepared to recognize when enough is … Continue reading

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Talking with E-junkie

I spent some time last week talking with Robin Kohli at, the makers of E-junkie and Fat Free Cart. They’re based in Tucson and have five people on staff. TheCartBlog: So tell me about E-junkie. E-junkie: Well, we’re a … Continue reading

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Twittering strategies

This post on effective Twittering was rich with linky goodness and excellent advice. Bottom line: write for the followers you want to have.

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Can we do this to the customers too?

Colin Farrell’s excellent Corporal Punishment Research website has created a montage called “spank while you sell,” which shows the use of corporal punishment in advertisements for consumer products.

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Decoy Marketing

I thought this was fascinating: When creating their product offerings, most companies try to come up with the best and most attractive offers they can – a practice I wholly endorse. But, sometimes adding a less attractive offer to the … Continue reading

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Use Twitter like Obama

I saw Obama’s tweet last weekend and thought, ok, that’s clever. But when I clicked the link, I realized that it was REALLY clever. Oh sure, you’ll get a text when he picks his VP … but look at what … Continue reading

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I thought this article on Marketplace about e-fencing was interesting.   My suspicion is that Steve DelBianco is correct and that much of the hand-wringing about this is motivated by the desire to eliminate competition.

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