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Covey interview

Stephen Covey speaks to the Zen Habits blog.  It will be interesting to see how his social network (currently in beta) does.

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A workable RFP process

A post over at Enter Content Here called The RFP is Dead! Long Live the RFP! talks about the weaknesses of the traditional RFP process. Everyone has a different take on this, but the way I approach it is this: … Continue reading

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RIP, William F. Buckley

Wow.  What a career.  We’ll miss you, Mr. Buckley.

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Clients who are unhappy from the start

Jeremy’s advice: send them to someone else.    There’s a tendency that some people have to want to jump in  and save the day; to show them how much better you are than the losers they hired before.  You’re better off … Continue reading

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near e-commerce

If you don’t have a shopping cart but are still using your website for marketing, has some design principles for your site.

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Marketing classical music

This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition did a story about British violinist Tasmin Little, who is releasing her latest CD free on the Internet and doing a series of performances in non-traditional classical music venues, such as factories, airports and shopping … Continue reading

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Freelancing report released by

A detailed report ($3 or more donation) on the state of freelancing was just released by the guys over at Key take-aways were: Start freelancing, be happy: 89% of freelancers report being happier since starting freelancing. Referrals are huge: … Continue reading

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