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Would you like fries with that Whopper?

Annenburg lists the biggest fibs of 2007. Don’t worry – it’s an equal opportunity roasting.

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Surfin’ Safari

Ever notice that everyone at the office on the day before Christmas and the day before New Years is just sitting around surfing the web? So now I have this song running through my head … :)

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MMM: Get ready for New Year’s!

Started planning yet? Here’s a great post from Dumb Little Man about kicking your motivation into high gear. Want some more? How about this tasty tidbit from Seth Godin: Here’s a question that you should clip out and tape to … Continue reading

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Knowing where to tinker makes all the difference

I came across a famous story the other day – I’m sure you’ve read it before: “Nikola Tesla visited Henry Ford at his factory, which was having some kind of difficulty. Ford asked Tesla if he could help identify the … Continue reading

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Now there’s a great name for a company!

A knowbot delivered this article to my inbox this morning: Merchant Services has E-commerce solutions built by THAT Agency THAT agency? Sure enough, THAT agency. :)

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Button Blast

GetElastic did an interesting post showing over 100 add to cart buttons and commenting on their design and use of verbiage. I’m not a big “Buy Now” fan – sounds too much like Amazon’s “one click” purchasing model; I prefer … Continue reading

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Weekend Break: Kipple, Note Taking, What is blogging like?

Kipple “Kipple drives out non-kipple” – Phillip K. Dick Dick wrote described the cruft, crap, and detritus of life as kipple, and said that it was subject to its own form of Gresham’s Law. Note Taking I’m a huge fan … Continue reading

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