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Weekend Break: Anti-Social Networking, Nobel Update, Pricing for freelancers

Anti-Social Networking You knew it was coming … Wired talks about MIT’s response to social networking. Peace Prize Committee Disbands No need for a contest; future awards will go to the real peace keepers. Freelancers: Are your prices too low? … Continue reading

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Financial Calculators

A list of financial calculators for entrepreneurs from Bootstrapper A list for homebuyers from Business Calculators from Calculators for your web page from The hourly rate calculator from The PayPal Fee Calculator

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Becoming a better writer – ideas from Stephen King

PositivityBlog has a 7 point list from the Scary One.  My favorite: number  two. Write a draft. Then let it rest. Your subconscious is still working on the piece when you walk away.  You’ll have fresh insights after a break.  … Continue reading

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The latest from Amazon

Web King has just announced the Amazon All Business Center, which includes WebStore by Amazon, an interesting looking hosted e-commerce application. The pricing on WebStore is $59.99/month, and you can list your own items which you will fulfill along … Continue reading

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Free Press Releases

A great list from the folks at Mashable.

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KonaKart updates

KonaKart – one of a small number of Java based carts, just announced a release; InfoQ discusses it here. I spoke to John Hornsby of KonaKart about the advantages of using Java (versus PHP) for cart development. My thinking was … Continue reading

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Using feedback to improve sales: the Return-O-Meter

A great idea from – the Return-O-Meter. When you’re shopping for a shoe, you can quickly see not only how frequently the shoe was returned, but the reason for the return.

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