osCommerce mod changes

Both osCommerce Free Gift Chooser Mega Module and osCommerce Better Together Admin have received facelifts for osCommerce 2.3.4. Thanks to osCommerce wizard Gary Burton for letting me know about this!

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Zen Cart Coupons No Sale or Special

A common request for Zen Cart modifications is “please change coupons to only apply to items not on sale or special.” If you want that change, please see my Zen Cart Coupons No Sale or Special mod.

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Free Gift Chooser for Zen Cart now does discounts!

Zen Cart Free Gift Chooser Mega Module version 1.1 now supports discounting by dollars or percentage in addition to free (100% discount). You can even create a final price discount for a group of products.

Free Gift Chooser supports the most common types of discounts people were building with Big Chooser – but with the convenience of an admin panel, instead of having to code the discounts in by hand.

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Table Discounts Updates for Zen Cart

Zen Cart Table Discounts now has two new constraint filters (ways of ensuring that only certain items are discounted):

  • set_constraint_attrfilter, which allows you to ensure a constraint has a particular attribute set to a certain value
  • set_constraint_name_includes, which allows you to match on a substring of the product name
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Better Together Update

Better Together needed an update to allow Checkout Candy to interoperate with the new One-To-Many feature. This update is only required for Checkout Candy users.

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Per User and Group Specials for Zen Cart

Want to offer special prices to just certain users or groups in your Zen Cart? Take a look at my Per User Group Specials mod. It creates specials  that are only available to the people you choose.

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Mixed Content Error in Firefox when using CKEditor in Zen Cart

If you have upgraded to FF 23 and suddenly your CKEditor is not working (in admin->catalog->categories/products), take heart: it’s a one line fix to get it back again. Edit

<your renamed admin>/includes/ckeditor.php

and change the inclusion of jsapi to not use a protocol, i.e.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//www.google.com/jsapi”></script>

instead of
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.google.com/jsapi”></script&gt;

and you should be all set. You will NOT see this issue in FF 22 and prior, only FF23 (and perhaps higher).

NOTE: The latest CKEditor package in the ZC Plugins area already has this change in it.

This was originally posted by That Software Guy on the Zen Cart forum on 8/28/13.

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